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PHYSICS SCIENCE & B WAVE POWER TECNOLOGY ,etc一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一 < <気候科学,物理科学一般 & B波電力技術関連一般>>

Emergent Editorial Agenda”(2014/6/7)

IPCC and Established global media has been silent on the Planetary Emergency of Methane Catastrophe Risk in Arctic.

Following facts must emergently be confirmed by all.

Unless emergent implementation on Arctic Cooling geo-Engineering,our planet would be heat hell world toward mass extinction.

Emergent carbong reduction of more than 80%cut can not be dispensable for ⑴

In both condtion of ⑴⑵,life assurance policy could be possible.

Main themes of this site shall be as follows. (G,P) means topics for General and Professional experts

Non Carbon Energy Technology and “Life Assurance Policy Design” in coming climate war era.. 

Climate Science and Geo-Engineering.

Economy Network Dynamics.

Electromagnetic Seismology

Introductory on Theoretical Armament for Non-Experts.

Quantum Physics Science(mainly archives).                                               

Quantum Stochastic Mechanics.                                                                                                              

Quantum Gravitational Dynamics.                                                                                                             

Quantum Theory of None Localized Dipole Field.                                                                                                 

Mathematical Science General.                                                                                                                 


75(2011/4/15,2017/4/25,27).Proof on God

In now world becoming chaotic !!,once again,we had better re-examine the very origin.

* 2017/4/25,27:Largely revised toward exact understanding to win world wide approval.



<<NOTIFICAYIONS on PHYSICS SCIENCE & B WAVE POWER TECNOLOGY ,etc=update for addendum and erruntum>> ⇒  update record ーーーーーーーーーーーーー ーー<<気候科学,物理科学一般 & B波電力技術関連一般の更新掲示板>>

P72(G,P)(2016/09/20)Arctic Cooling Engineering the Summary

Imminent Methane Catastrophe Risk in East Siberia Arctic Shelf by sea water warming has been being warned.

Now Arctic Ice retreat had become positive feedback,which could not stop spontaneously,but by man made Arctic Cooling Engineering.

Without which,we could not intercept global extinction.This report is the overview by non-expert author.

E27(2015/11/06,11,2016/10/31):Q&A_Die or Do_Mending the Deadly Climate_the Problem-Solution-Reaction.

This is Q&A for E26. What you wish to inquire and know is discussed here !!.

Climate scientists are doctor for curing the deadly climate,however now they are wrong not confessing the facts.

Thereby ,at first,we must emergently mend wrong doctors to make them righteous diagonosis on the deadly climate causing our extinction possibility.

Also a method for Planed Economics toward Climate Wartime Regime is discussed.

*2015/11/11:APPENDIX is added.

*2016/10/31:APPENDIX_4,5,6 are added.

E26(2015/10/26,27,31,2016/8/3):Die or Do_Mending the Deadly Climate_the Problem-Solution-Reaction.

2℃ rise treatment(COP16) is deadly lie,and IPCC has been hiding emergent Arctic Methane Risk.

Non carbon energy technology for 80%CO2 cut and emergent Arctic Cooling Technology must be accomplished.

The reaction is emergent Conversion from Business as usual to Freeness for ever.

The Reaction is new Economics toward peoples Life Assurance toward Climate Wartime Regime.

The whole view is showed at here,and you must find and do your task toward emergent global solidarity making.

*The more explanations are here:

*correction(8/3):The energy of global 0.1℃ rise is about hurricanes 400units/year. 400units.


P80(2016/05/04):Quantum Stochastic Mechanics(QSM)the Hidden.

Especially as for former Time Dependent Quantum Mechanics,it had been being not correct ! ,

The True Explanation is to Cause Revolution in Quantum Mechanics.It is lead to

Stochastic Theory the mathematically well established one.

However the actual calculation may be not easy due to Many Body Difficulty.

重要訂正告知(2020/05/29)                                                                     量子電磁力学と電荷電流密度分布式(1)2007/11/23~12/3                                 










P84(G,P)(2022/02/12)Growing Electric Power by Tesla Tornado Circuit.

SummaryTesla's bi-filar Spiral Coil can grow the current toward generating “energy”.

Standard physic theory and some observed facts explain the surprising mechanism.

This technology could cause rapid Global Energy Revolution by global strong cooperation on the R&D.

P83(G,P)(2019/05/11,13)Upward Floating Mechanism of Aerosol Forming Clouds and CLOUDS MAKING MACHINE

This is problem of Cloud Making Machine(CMM) Launching Aerosol(CN)from Ocean Surface.

Then natural Upward Floating Mechanism of CN is decisive in cloud generating efficiency.

One is well known Wind Turbulence Diffusion observed in ordinal chimney smoke diffusion,

Another is weak buoyancy force(with cold sink flow)generated by latent heat emission in magic CN’s absorbing vapor gas.

Loss of{hot & light}vapor gas is to cause local air gas colder and heavier toward sink current.

After all,some of enough hotter CNs go upward to become cloud droplet at condensation altitude.

:Climate Desperate is partly due to that scientists consider it impossible to recover stable climate

by engineering.But this report would challenge their pesimistic view.

P82(G,P)(2019/04/13)True or False Judgment Machine

Not only for routine works,but also for intellectual ones,manualization would be effective to realize loss less works.

It is toward full computerization of all works including even politics(the most troublesome in the competency and the corruption).

Then most difficulty would be language recognition.This is a primitive trial on it by amateur author.

P81(G,P)(2017/05/06,07,10)Best Ranking in Front-line Physics (by author's selection)

Aim at here is revealing truth not published in established science society international.

❶❷❸ are to demand you ideological change toward theism.The others are to reveal

defects in science society.❿ is crucial problem of do or die at now world,

warning both for climate science society and global people.

Addendum 2017/5/10:JK is added.

P80(G,P)(2017/05/04):Quantum Stochastic Mechanics(QSM)the Hidden.

Especially as for former Time Dependent Quantum Mechanics,it had been being not correct ! ,

The True Explanation is to Cause Revolution in Quantum Mechanics.It is lead to

Stochastic Theory the mathematically well established one.

However the actual calculation may be not easy due to Many Body Difficulty.

P79(G,P)(2017/04/06,10):General Gauge Principle.

Once Largangean had been derived,all the information on the dynamical system can be derived         

This is a guidance of following monumental thesis(1956,1967).The aim is deriving Lagrangean

with interaction forceJaμAaμ.<Noether current with gauge field>.

R.Utiyama,Phys.Rev.101(1956),1597<General Gauge Field Theory>.

**L.D.Faddeev and V.N.Popov:Pphys Lett.25B(1967)29.<Quantization of General Gauge Field>

addendum 2017/4/10,APPENDIX3:Deriving FP Lagrangean by Path-Integral.


<<Quantum Mechanics in way of the Axiomatic Building>>.

This is not for amateur,but those who once had learned Quantum Mechanics.Only by CANONICAL QUANTIZATION PRINCIPLE,

we can build structure of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Dynamics.

While all Interaction forces is derived by another strong pirnciple of General Gauge Principle(including equivalent principle by Einstein).

P77(G,P)(2016/10/26,27)Global Temperature Anormaly of 2016 the Possible Cause


2016 Global monthly Temperature records anomalous high as over 1.5 or near 2.0℃.

This is almost the Paris target value,then someone become desperate on pursuing efforts?!.

Recent authors survey on the temperature fluctuation found that

the anomalous higher temperature at 2016 may be a temporal fluctuation due to higher solar phase in the cycle .

Temperature fluctuation Effectiveness for causing disaster may depend on the duration time.

For ocean heating,fluctuation could not be effective by the short peak times.

P75(G,P)(2016/10/14-1,17,19)Uncertainty Causes in Climate Dynamics

*17:APPENDIX_6 added

Climate variables such as temperature of averaged value are causalstic, so predictable by the theory,

while an actual realization fluctuates around the averaged value with the definite probability

which is also predictable by theory. At least,such theory must be exist.

The troublesome observable big variation(fluctuation)of climate variables at local spots=x at time=t is

almost due to climate fluid behavior(Fluid Dynamics)in atmosphere and ocean.

An evidence is showed in emerging visible macroscopic TUBULENCE by the mechanics.

A regional or global climate variables are considered as those additive sum effect and

by the consequence, also those variables could be fluctuate<CENTRAL LIMIT THEOREM>

This report is to show you ⑴⑵ in order to make assured climate actions with prediction.

:Also predictable periodic insolation variation is added the fluctuation<*19>.


P76(G,P)(2016/10/14-2,17,19,11/3)Global Surface Temperature(GST)Fluctuation Analysis

*17:APPENDIX_2,3,4 revised,*19:APPENDIX_6 ,7 added

* 11/3:APPENDIX_8 added,Why small periodic solar variation effects larger temperature fluctuation is explained.

GST is the most decisive climate variable in the debate,then author search the cause of fluctuation from the average value.

He observed dominant the Gaussian pdf with adding small periodic time ,but rather strong insolation variation=δI0(t)<*19>.

Observed rapid and larger ±0.25℃/y swing could not be caused by nothing,but larger fluctuation in insolation input

and cooling radiation output each by that of cloud albedo & humidity permeability.Note heat input into earth is ruled

by account balance between solar input with clouds albedo=a(t)<solar ray reflection rate>

and Cooling Radiation(CR)output with @(t)<permeability>.@(t) is CR passing rate into space,

which is ruled by GHG concentration.

P73(G,P)(2016/10/02)Don’t Misunderstand on Decisive Critical Numeric in Climate Policy Making

At now once again,debating climate numeric such as temperature rise limit is critical and decisive in policy making.

As is having been repeating,IPCC with COP policy is plausible,but deadly fake.

Note climate numeric such as global temperature has large random fluctuation,as for which we shall show the varidity.

P72(G,P)(2016/09/20)Arctic Cooling Engineering the Summary

Imminent Methane Catastrophe Risk in East Siberia Arctic Shelf by sea water warming has been being warned.

Now Arctic Ice retreat had become positive feedback,which could not stop spontaneously,but by man made Arctic Cooling Engineering.

Without which,we could not intercept global extinction.This report is the overview by non-expert author.

P71(G,P)(2016/08/06)Rapid CO2 Absorption with Mineralizstion of CO2 by OLIVINE.

80%CO2 cut with mass absorption by ocean and land would take more than 60 years long,

while Olivine Engineering in global reservoir could have potential of rapid absorption .

P70(G,P)(2016/08/02)More Confirmation on the Climate Fact.

Mankind destiny has been depending entirely on climate fact recognition by you,so this is the confirmation in the total view.

Risk management is anticipating all possible coming bad events.

After all,climate fixing is mending worsened{a,@}albedo and emittivity.

The main task are both urgent implementation of Arctic Cooling Engineering and more than 80%CO2 cut.

Then some supplemental comments are necessary.

By anyhow,urgent stopping temperature rise by minimum degree(0.30.4℃) is best.

P6(G,P)(2016/07/04)Charge Alternating by Plasma Oscillation Resonance.

Phase Array Antenna Beam (PAAB)can control precise electron dynamics in Ion sphere.

Electron Charge Density Ne(x,y,z) is increasing function of height =z till ion sphere summit.

Usually,Ne(x) are overlapped with ion density Ni(x)as charge neutral law(0Ni(x)-Ne(x)).

By making light mass electrons shifts by x±δx,then ±δxNe(x)0,0.

Such charge emerging (with kinetic inertia) act to recover charge neutral state.

This become plasma oscillationP.If irradiating such density layer by same frequency ω=ωP,from ground beam radiator(PAAB),

the resonance can generate alternate charge density wave(CDW)toward ground.

By the less intensity, CDW can tigger earthquake at critical hypocenter(P67).

CDW can destroy chemical bonding which is electrostatic force.

P6(G,P)(2016/07/04)Very Important Correction for Error Critique on General Theory of Relativity(GRT)

Then the very important word “local” was lack at that time(1993).It is not that space and time must be expressed by global orthogonal linear coordinate.

That is,space and time can be distorted by gravity field in the meaning of GRT.Once author wrote in a book and papers

that GRT is not correct and space and time can not be distorted. This is entirely wrong !!.






* 6/2:付録5追加。










P6(G,P)(2015/11/26,27,28,29)Climate Mending Technology the Troublesome Portion.

Effective climate mending needs urgent more than 80%CO2 cut and Arctic Cooling.

Now possible troublesome portion in the mending is examined here.We needs global

defence troops on global environment(ocean,land and Arctic)is decisively necessary.

Also in this meaning,global climate wartime regime with the declaration is necessary.

*Addendum 11/28:APPENDIX-1:Ability Decline of CO2 Absorption by Ocean ?!!.

*Addendum 11/29:Good news !,photosynthesis microbe is tough in temperature change!!.

P6(G,P)(2015/08/09)Arctic Cooling by spreading sea water to make cloud in order to cut insolation .

Petition to research institutes for emergent establishing the technology !!!

Cloud generating acts insolation input reduction(albedo effect),which is decisive factor for global heat budget balance.

Cloud generating is determined by aerosol density which becomes cloud condensation nuclei(CCN)

in conditions of {temperature,pressure,humidity and wind velocity}.Hereupon here emerged a proposal method to intercept

global warming by spreading sea water to make cloud to insolation cut .Especially this method could be applicable to Arctic Cooling.

Arctic ice retreat had already become positive feedback: ice retreat→insolation reflection down→sea water temperature rise→ice retreat.

The ice lid would be vanished in summer within few years from 2015.Therefore spontaneous ice sheet recovering will never be by anymore.

Thus Arctic Cooling geo-engineering become a decisive game allowed nothing defeating.

Author is almost ignorant on cloud engineering,so he opted sea water spreading method.

The reason is sea water is free and salt is no hazardous to health and environment.

P6(G,P)(2015/08/09)Irresponsible Scientists the Subordinate of Satan ?!!

<what author had seen by concerning them>

At now,what tragedy it is that such they had related with the decision on to live or die

of all the life on this earth !!!..So we have to decide whether praying scientists personality

growing to adult<fact confession with big repentance>or instead by scientists,disclosing scientific fact by ourselves of engineers and students.

If IPCC climate scientists had previously disclosed the deadly climate change facts,

the world would have drastically changed<substantially global revolution !> to one with hope on future,however with bitter life.

Then there could not be incomplete on what author, not professional climatologist, accused ( their fake climate science).

The fact is too inconvenient for the regime of now,so they had allowed and ignored our future destruction.

It’s ridicule and entirely upside down.It is quite similar with the word.

Revolution is more terrible than defeating war

P6(G,P)(2015/08/09)Arctic Ice Vanishing within 15yearstoward Methane Catastrophe !!

This is policy decision,but not physics. The prediction is , unless emegent implementation of Arctic Cooling Engineering,

we would face hell gateway toward Arctic Methane Catastrophe within 20±10 years .

If we lost chance of global unite with a truth at now !!!!!!!,every things would be hindsights.

P6(G,P)(2015/03/30)Both Cooling & Heating & by Geothermal

Cave as natural air conditioner by stable geothermal 15℃ for year round is without most expensive electrical power charge.

It is cheaper than basement building.Underground pipe line could supply both Heating & Cooling by Geothermal.

:Note main concern on non-carbon energymay be wind-marine turbine& solar power,

then we should pay more concern also for thermodynamic engineering.

P60(G,P)(2015/03/22)4R-SOLAR HEAT BOX.

A solar heater design was tried to get both merit of parabora one and box type one.

Then simple and useful design parameters for estimating heater performance

{max temperatureare ,heat up time constant for heat load with that of box}are presented here

Water Boiling is most energy consuming,so solar heater method is effective.

P5(G,P)(2014/12/17)Energy Creation Process from QED to QGD.     

In this report,possible quantum mechanism of creation energy from nothing is explained

by so called standard theory<Quantum Electro Dynamics(QED),and Gravity one(QGD)>.

This was first invented by Nicola.Tesla,which is called scalar wave radiated from capacitor antenna.

Electrician knows capacitor never consume energy,but can radiate charge density wave which realize 

0dv{ρBφ-αBB/2-ED/2}+E−E.<energy creation the legal>.

P5(G,P)(2014/10/17,24)Short Term Earthquake Prediction by Phenomena of Electro-Seismology  

There is precious time interval of few days to weeks to hit explosive earthquake from actual beginning of hypocenter decay

In the interval,massive ground surface charges is to turn from negative toward positive.

This is nothing,but precious warning signal of short term earthquake prediction(time,place,and intensity)by Electro-Seismology.

*2014/10/24 correctioncharge black out(charge black hole) and addendum.

Si becomes metal(closest pack structure=cps)by ultra pressure(~200,0000atm),

however small 5000atm of hypocenter could generate cps with rare probability in unit volume(?!).

Then hypocenter voulume is enough massive to generate cps with emitting observable electron on the ground.

This is a hypothesis at now.Author wish you prove it by statistical physics.

The proof could save decent short term earthquake prediction possibility by Electro-Seismology.

P57(G,P)(2014/09/19)Math-Physical Science Library List in

These page are serious and decisive science matters in,

but not published in international academy due to their censor.

Logic,Climatology(Seismology),Economics,Qunatum Physics,Fluid-dynamics.

P5(G,P)(2014/06/20)The fatal failure of IPCC climatology_Why is IPCC impossible

Now people must be awakened for deadly betrayal IPCC .

Because the climate situation has been becoming worse day by day by nothing effective global counter measure the utmost responsibility of IPCC.

People must notice their injustice(EXXON-MOBIL-Rockefeller)

Author never intend accusing climate scientists,but their liberation from suppressions by the capitalism oligarchy.

By anyhow,to gain global support,revealing deadly inconvenient facts on climatology could not evaded 

in order to push policy maker toward liberation of the scientists.

P5(G,P)(2014/06/16)How to Make Clouds for intercepting solar heat in Arctic

For an example,water mass of 10km×10km×1km cloud is about 

30000 ton. The 1/10 of 3000 ton sea water spray could be accomplished in 1hour by 100Kw turbine.

Cloud Engineering is unstable due to random wind,however cheap cost could overcome the defect by massive setting the unit.

This is the emergent problem of mankind destiny.

P5(G,P)(2014/05/28,6/3)Accounting principle verify reconstruction the Past Climate Records

Our simple model could be valid,which can reconstruct the past global temperature records

with that of CO2 concentration change from 18602010.

The physical foundation(algorithm)had already be showed in below.

P5(G,P)(2014/05/13)Rapid Temeperature Rise in Arctic_a simple verification

Arctic has been warming due to beginning of ice lid vanishing.

The cooling is only by natural  radiation from surface to cosmos.

Temperature rise could increase the radiation,though ice lid vanishing rate is far stronger than the radiation increasing.

Coming abrupt Arctic sea water temperature rise would be fatal to trigger Arctic methane catastrophe.

P5(G,P)(2014/05/06,6/4,6/19)Definition on Radiative Forcing.

Radiative forcing (≡RF)is the most key concept in heat debt budget causing global temperature rise,

while the definition is obscure in IPCC document at least for author.

Once again he tried its verification and correcting on effective RF(heat debt budget) derived

by  instantaneous RF calculable in chemical physics. Some correction is necessary in his report

However,the result would not change the global policy conclusions for climate change .

*related site:Evolution equation of Global surface Temperature(EGT) with RF.

P51(G,P)(2013/12/19)Quick Guide to Economy Network Dynamics.

An economy is described in all account-books,so variables in account books

could represent economy dynamics in dealing networks.

This is preparation for economy regime simulation in following 113.






*Origin of Life(Japanese version).

In this site,the origin of universe was revealed by logic almighty low(God) due to nothing physics one in the origin.

This might be comprehensible,then you may ask how about the Origin of Life !?.

This debating does not seem non-significant at now when we have been facing deadly climate crisis toward mass extinction by our option.

Conclusion here is unknown,but author proposed some problems to be solved by you.

However,an very interesting insight relating also with almighty low is indicated.

P49(G,P)(2013/10/22)Information Loss Process in NS EquationCause of The Chaos.

Long term prediction is our imminent wish,while chaos in NS eqn solution has been

intercepting.The cause of chaos is due to frictional term μ,

which could be showed to become heat(Jiμ[(div)(curl)]),but not dynamical momentum energy.

This is also nothing,but entropy increasing process(dSdE/T)

which could be a measure for Chaos(the information loss) in Navier-Stokes Fluid Equation.

P48(G,P)(2013/10/22)Troublesome Illusion in Elementary Particle Physics.

So called Higgs Model(2013 Nobel Prize)is entirely illusion. Honest physics can not stop to

strongly accuse the event. In the behind,there are strongly simple,but decisive facts hided.

P46(G,P)(2013/10/20,23): Logic the simplest,but supreme way for recognition(V2)

A kernel problem is contradiction which denay uniqueness of realization(true).

Then a contradiction enables something disorder(chaos).

So it’s uniqueness that enable overwhelming judgment on reality.

Also “truth is provable(Completeness in determinism)” and

being of un-determining phenomena(Incompleteness introducing probability)are studied.

A way of logical comprehension is most indispensable than anything else.

P45(G,P)(2013/10/19)Overwhelming Judgment of SCIENCE.

A righteous conclusion in Science is fundamentally unique to be simultaneously overwhelming judgment.

The Scientific valid is described. And also serious interferences on on those are revealed.

This is the most emergent and highest priority problem at now world.

P45(G,P)(2013/7/25,2014/6/8)non-ipcc Climatology toward Coming Climate Crisis(V2).

(2013/7/29,2014/6/8)the DOC version(V2)

:Notification on update Version 2(2014/6/8)

PartV-chap1,chap2 [][][][]relating with radiative forcingwas vastly revised.

Coming climate change would rule the world,however IPCC the most responsible UN org will not work well!!!,

and the fatal realities will not be disclosed!!!. So,author strongly recommend re-verification on climate science

supeficially vague,but substantially decisive by techno-science field people in general the non-ipcc.

In order to quick learning, summary of the physical foundations and many concerned informations are presented.

P44(G,P)(2013/7/14)Part Y_non-Carbon Energy Engineering.

the overview as emergent extra version innon-ipcc Climatology toward Coming Climate Crisis.

Coming climate change would rule the world,however IPCC the most responsible UN org will not work well!!!,

and the fatal realities will not be disclosed!!!. So,author strongly recommend re-verification on climate science

supeficially vague,but substantially decisive by techno-science field people in general the non-ipcc.

In order to quick learning, summary of the physical foundations and many concerned informations are presented.

P43(G,P)(2013/7/5,7/7):Real Image of quantum Chemical Reaction.                                                                                 

Addendum and Erruntum on “explosion and implosion”,etc.

<The hidden,but outrageous role of charge density wave(CDW field)>                                                                      

Chemical components and reactions are fatal for our life,however still error classical image has been ruling in the science.                                              

The cause is due to lack in recognition on discontinuity property both in space and time in micro quantum world.                                             

Established academy authority has been hiding and suppressing those facts.                                                                      

It is nothing,but obstacles also for new energy engineering such as Brown Gas or Water Fuel (by pulse electrolysis).

P42(G,P)(2013/7/1,7/7)Brown Gas the mechanism of the obscurity_V2.   

Brown gas might be chemical form of H4O2+,which is a quasi +charge density ball and

could totally explain the obscure features of Brown gas.The key concepts are implosion,

charge explosion and charge density wave(CDW)which is originally radiated from

capacitive antenna without input energy consumption,but loss one.

P41(G,P)(2013/6/1):Time Estimation on Arctic Methane Catastrophe.

The most emergent fatal rissk at now world is Methane Castastrphe in Arctic.

Unless emergent drastic counter measure,we would have been in desparate hell for decades.

This report tried to reveal the mechanismand the counter measure.

P40(G,P)(2013/5/10,11)Frequent Cold Waves from Arctic in Global Warming.

In many nations,people sometime encounter severe cold wave in recent global warming,

which may be paradox for people.But it has decisive scientifical and reasonable validity.

P39(G,P)(2013/5/6)Elastic Rebound Theory Anomaly_Epicenter-Physics&Fluid-Dynamic Seismology.

The aim are evaluation of big-earthquake and earthquake prediction method. M8&9 earthquake might be anomaly in elastic rebound theory,where

fault area heights exceed upper limit of epicenter depth. Another energy sources could be (a new seismology by general chemical thermodynamics).

Fluid dynamics was found to be able to simulate also seismology one(in late,this Japanese version shall become English one).

P38(G,P)(2013/5/7)Earthquake Mechanism in view of Chemical-Thermodynamics.

Whole view on Earthquake Mechanism was surveyed by Chemical Thermodynamics Concepts.

Triggering earthquake must be considered not only by plate dynamics force, but also by Chemical Thermodynamics Factors.

Invasion into epicenter by Heat,Chemical ,and Electrical components should not be neglected.

Earthquake prediction by Electromagnetic Seismology and Earthquake Weapon by HAARP also must not neglected.

(In late,this Japanese version shall become English one).






A general method for solving non-linear partial differential equation is proposed.

This is the supplement for {P34,P35}.

P35(G,P)(2013/4/18)Cold Sea Water Upwelling(singular spot at warming offshore).

Radical convection between cold and hot spot could cause climate anormalies.

Recently global ocean has been warming,while many of coastal offshore seems to be colder

by cold deep sea water upwelling by ocean current colliding with coast.

P34(G,P)(2013/4/18)Strong Drought the non humidity conserving mechanism_2

Draught is no input and more out put of humidity in high pressure air mass without cloud.

Then problem is what causes long duration stability of draught(such as deserts) ?.

Those has been caused by essentially global warming with peculiar topography of draught regions.

Therefore the overcoming is far simple,but necessary of global and long term counter measure.

If fail,we would have been in hell in coming years.

P33(G,P)(2013/2/21)Water Electrolysis by Charge Density Wave could Create Energy.

WFC can generate hydrogen gas by less energy input ,and the gas can generate more energy output than input one.

Now the 2nd version was issued to be electrically more visible and to implement H2 gas generator by CDW.

P32(G,P)(2012/9/19)Earthquake Prediction by Phenomena of Seismic Electromagnetism(1/2).

This is a trial for best performance method of earthquake prediction by so called seismic electromagnetism(SE),

When,where,and how much magnitude prediction by electrical observation methods are introduced.

Those could be also best cost performance.

P31(G,P)(2012/7/8)General Analysis on Room Temperature Nuclear Fusion from the Statistical Hybrid Hamiltonian Theory.

Submitted(,but not publishied) to Chem.Soc.Jpn.#10141-23_1991/3/13.

Math-Physics Archive on {Quantum Stochastic Mechanics}







28(G,P)(2011/12/17)Introduction to Quantum Science the frontline.

27(G,P)(2011/12/17)Quick Guide to Quantum Stochastic Mechanics.

26(G,P)(2011/12/17)Quick Guide to Quantum Gravitational Dynamics.

Math-Physics Archive on {Quantum Stochastic Mechanics and Quantum Gravitational Dynamics}

25(G,P)(2011/12/16)Quantum Stochastic Mechanis the introduction.

24(G,P)(2011/12/16)Quantum Stochastic Mechanis and

Quantum Gravitational Dynamics the summaries.

Math-Physics Archive on {Quantum Stochastic Mechanics and Quantum Gravitational Dynamics}

23(G,P)(2011/03/3)Heat Insulator by double Al-shield.

Radiation heat transfer between different radiation rate is discussed,and

better heat shielding method with Alminum foil is proposed.

22(G,P)(2011/01/22,07/30)Coliolis Force in view from inertia coordinate.

This is entirely error version,but shall be left as a wrong sample.

P21(G,P)(2010/05/2,3)Radiative Forcing(RF) for Zero Dimensinal Model(part1).

The probability @ of outgoing infrared ray(cooling radiation from semi black body globe)

is analyzed by a model of 1 dimensional GHGs atmosphere.

:The former page P20 on RF has a fatal eror model,which must be abandoned.So this

version is correcting one.However also it is extremely simplified due to zero

heat capacity of atmosphere comparing with that of oceans(depth nearly 1000m).

P20(G,P)(2008/12/3,11,09/10/8,'10/4/27this version has a fatal error model)

RADIATIVE FORCING(the general formulation and interpretation)

Radiative Forcing(RF) is surplus energy flow(W/m2) into global land-sea surface:

RFσ[A(t)4−TG(t)4]. G(t) is global temperature,while A(t) is so called precedent one as

(F0/4)(1-m)aσA(t)4: fuction of albedom(t) at now and a(t)passing probability of cooling radiation

into cosmic space from terrestrial surface of G(t). GHG concentration at now rules a(t).

P26(G,P)(2009/9/25,28,10/3,6,20)Evolution equation of Global surface Temperature(EGT) with RF.

(10/20:re-erruntum: the numerical {CG,KG}data are corrected.Now page is still in costruction for a while).

Our aim is estimating global temperature trend by GHG concentration change.

Those factors are ⑴constant solar ray input,⑵global radiative forcing(=RF) of

atmosphere(GHGs rule trapp(with downward reradiation) and passing cooling radia-

tion from the surface).The radiative ability is function of GHG concentration

and albedo.⑶global dynamic surface temperatue(of equivalent global heat

capacity).The last factor determine (RF)heat sink amount from ⑵.

P25(G,P)(2009/9/9)Arctic Methane Catastrophe Possibility <the General Feedback Circuit Model-(1)>.

A simple,but essential criterion analysis on methan catastrophe is intoroduced.

(Global year radiative force increase by CH4 eruption)/(melting heat for methan clathrate=MC)870.(melt amount1GtC).

It's an amplifier gain=A by CH4 eruption.So if feedback loop loss 1/870,then evil positive feedback could begin.

If surplus heat(for irrversible process such as melting)partitioning rate into Arctic B be 0.1,

then 99of B would be allowable not to hit MC, but 1 hitting could trigger the feedback.

If over 3,the process could be abrupt.

Then note that the criterion depends on the feedback time lag, of which estimation has no confidence.







P23(G,P)(2009/7/6)Insolation function(latitude,longitude,dairy angle,seasonal angle).

Can you imagine north pole(90) is hotter than equator (0) at a season ?.

The 2/3 of ice cover of seasonal melt is due to the heat in summer in Arctic.

It would be fatal dangerous in near future of current momentum of GHG increasing..

P22(P)(2009/5/7)Quantizable Gravity Field as Gauge one in Linear Coordinates

A gravity field become qunatizable in linear coordinates by

localized Lorentz invariance as representaion of the principle of equivalence,

which is simuletaneously and completely pure

general gauge invariance without any exceptinal transform rules.

Consequently the method gave the Lagragian of qunatizable gravity field,

which unifies all the interactions.


51(G,P)(2009/04/27)Earthquake Forecasting by Observing Anormaly of Animal Behaviour .

Eathquake-forecasting is possible by observing precedent anormaly of

undergroud current and radiated electro-magnetic wave in air" stimulated by "quartz rock"

under urtra-high pressure in earth-quake source point.The observation is

possilbe not only by electronic instruments,but also by anormaly of many

sensitive animal behaviour(catfish,eeel,,fish,..,frog,snake,birds,dog and cat,).

It's quite ridiculous that established scientists and the beurocrat authority has been neglecting the serious utilizable facts.

P21(G,P)(2008/12/14,09/7/19)Macroscopic View on Fluid Dynamics.

Navier Stokes equation is far difficult to math-analysis on its behaviour.

Though,the local volume integral equation is far visible to understand.

45(2008/12/14)Possibilities of abrupt temperature rise at Methan Clathrate reserver in Arctic(PartV).

Especially in arctic ocean,above all,MC is the strongest heat sinker just like as ice!!!!!.

At there,0℃ ocean water does not need heat.Many has been considering ocean is so hudge heat capacity,

so the temperature rise would be also extremely slow pace,

although actual gloabal temperature rise is dangerous exponential one,

which is simuletaneously to drive also ocean in similar way.

44(2008/12/11)The Global Surplus Heat is entirely flowing into Arctic (PartU).

(1)Global temperature rise by radiative forcing by 10Gton of CH4 release.

(2)The global temperature rise and the possibiility of explosive CH4 release causing into thermal hell ?!:

43(2008/12/1,11)The Global Surplus Heat is entirely Flowing into Arctic (PartT).

where "Ticking Time Bombs "(thermally unstable methan clathrate of 400G ton)are setted.

A heat flows from high temperatuer into low one <2nd Low of Thermo-Dynamics>


地球温暖化メカニズム基礎 に通過太陽光が地球面に到達後、赤外線再放射化して,                                        

それが大気圏 GHG (温暖化ガス)に一部吸収された後に半分が地上への                                                                    

後方放射 になる事で 温室効果 (放射強制力)が発生すると従来勘定したが、                                                                 




"黒体擬似輻射" の概念で簡単に説明する。熱分子運動のエネルギ密度wが電磁場輻射エネルギ密度wと                                               


結論はSB法則。 uσ 4 < 拡張 Stefan Boltzmann法則 > 



聴音は意識直結なので厄介だがそれを 遮断 するのが 雑音発生器 (隠してしまうの意味の













P16(G,P)(2008/7/11)B Wave Generator Design Example of Twin H2O wave guide

Please let's try the new modifed version of BWG.

The foremer bare feeder circuit had serious power loss to accomplish critical condition by H2O wave guide.

New design for charge feeder circuit(CFC) intend to secure less power loss

by full EM field shield of simple circuit configuration.

P15(G,P)(2008/6/14,7/28)B WAVE GENETATOR(the principle for design technology)

Nicola-Tesla(1856~1943) had invented marvelous electrical generator(scalar φ wave one or BWG) creating energy from nothing..

Author happened to research on creating universe also from nothing. Those are common in following relation.

"0=+(avalable positive matter energy)−E(negative gravity field energy)"

Clasical Electro-Dynamics(CED) has two mode {longitudinal waveφ & transversal one },

the former is analyzed by Quantum Electro-Dynamics(QED).This report intoduce

the basis of QED for design technology and the fundamental structure of BWG.

Nowthe difficulty in realizing pragmatical power output are summarized as follows.

Dielectric wave guide(DWG) needs bigger crystal which is higher cost to secure.

Radio frequency energy is troublesome to convert commerecial frequency or DC.

System design has another possibility of good performance ?,

In this critical era,it's quite ridiculous that such marvelous energy technology

has been neglecting due to political & military secret affairs?.

P14(G,P)2008/3/24)The Emergency Report on the Global Thermalized Crisis

The 07/11/17 IPCC(Intergoverments Panel on Climate Change) report tells unprecedented global thermalized crisis

caused by ourselves with Green House Gas emitting..The extension of current situation routes would cause abrupt.,

irreversible and hazardous changes in climate and living fields. To tell from very beginning, the global temperature now

appear to be exponential increasing, which means being of unstable mechanism called positive feedback loop(PFL).

PFL is feed backing of results to initial cause. In anyway,we could not survibe without something extraordinary decisions

The prophecies of Jucelino Nobrega is correct !.






































P7(G,P)2008/1/25,2016/1/3)Gödel Incompleteness Theorem and Statistical Phenomena

(Pan Statistical Theorem)(2016/01/03:English Version)

It is very curious that actuality of Gödel incompleteness theorem has been told nothing at all !!.

@The fact is statisticalization due to information loss in cause.

AThe theorem is due to indeterminacy of infinity=∞ in Natural Number Theory.

BReal number zero 0(R)1/∞ is indefinite,but finite 0(R)0(N)<natural number 0>. 

This is a contradiction realizing in real number zero0(R).but harmless by non observable.

CThereby probability 0(R) is contradictory. A sample process of stochastic one has zero probability,

which causes local observability,while non-observable in global<fluid chaos>.












P5(P)2007/12/15工事続行予定) 経済回路網論入門(1998年改定版)